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About us


Welcome to the Priori Mattress Showroom and Warehouse.

-  We own our building. No big shopping center rents.
-  We stock over 300 sets of first quality bedding in our local warehouse, with new deliveries daily
-  We have over 60 sets at our showroom location for quick pickup or delivery*. If you need it NOW, You can save additional bucks on some sets for cash ‘n carry.


What the other guys aren't telling you...

mattress sold by the other guysModel Names

Many mattress stores request exclusive model names . This way they can advertise Lowest price and not worry about competition. Actually mattress companies have a limited number of model specs and they will vary only slightly from dealer to dealer. One look at our selection and the value and savings will be obvious.​

Name Brands​

Name brands usually do the best job in the middle to top of the line categories. Many of the smaller generic companies generally offer us better quality AND lower prices in the low to middle price categories. That major name brand set you see advertised at a low low price sounds great but may actually be the worst value in the store.

Sale Prices​

Most of us know that so called pre ticket prices or Manufacturer's suggested prices are inflated, but did you know that even the sale price often leaves the salesman with many dollars in "wiggle room" with huge incentives if he or she can sell at the full 'Sale price". At Priori's we always give you the lowest sale price available. We think this will be obvious to you the first time you visit us.

Why your neighbors trust Priori Mattress


When you purchase your new mattress from Priori, it is our hope that you'll be happy with your choice. To help assure your comfort, we offer a one-time thirty day trial period, after which a thirty day period to exchange your mattress. Because any use severely reduces the value of your mattress, all returns and exchanges are at the sole discretion of Priori Mattress. The products must be mark-free, in delivered condition and have the original law tags attached.

MMAP Pricing

Some retailers will tell you that certain brands and models can only be sold at a price set by the manufacturer and you can't find these models anywhere for less. Actually there are legitimate exceptions to this policy and it may pay you in big savings to check with us before agreeing to pay this price.

Harley the mattress mutt 2Wholesale

As supplier to many local institutions we offer COST-PLUS pricing on bulk purchases. This includes additional discounts on multiple set purchases as little as two sets,. We also stock institutional requirements such as moisture resistant hospital type mattresses, electric adjustable bases, and dormitory contract bedding..


All beds are warrantied by the manufacturer. Warranty length is usually a significant indicator of overall quality. Manufacturers are generally very responsible in meeting their warranty obligations and most dealers readily service these warranties. Interestingly, we have found that price alone is NOT always a good indicator of reliability. Some of our most expensive name brand models have at times been the worst performers. At Priori's we'll always give you an honest appraisal of relative reliability of current models.





Larry Priori


45 W. Lancaster Avenue
Downingtown, PA 19335
Phone: 610-269-3736

Call Us: +1 610-269-3736

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